I’m at state right now and walking in the empty halls between rounds listening to the various rooms full of screaming people and thinking about the ever increasing likeness is a speech meet to a mental institution.


My team’s recruitment posters :D

When one of the teammates messes up but recovers smoothly

When my friend used a pickup line and it actually worked

When varsity members brag about how many tournaments they’ve won

Making it into finals after not caring about the whole tournament

When IT remotes into my computer, and then logs off without disabling administrator privileges.

After the Season Ends

What Goes On In Your Brain When You Fuck Up In a Round

Going Up Against Terrifyingly Good Competitors

Watching a Piece for the Millionth Time

pbquads asked: Holy fuck! I didn't know debate and speech blogs existed! Are there any others? I'm in love! Gahhhhh

Woooo! How’d you find us? I am proud (:

Yes! There are plenty more! I’m just going to name a few off the top of my head…. but there’s FuckYeahSpeechandDebate, Gavelmedown, SenatorJoyce, interpretinginterpretations,

uh… yeah that’s all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for the love <3