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1 week ago on 7/20/2014

I heard that the Ohio High School Speech League is getting rid of Impromptu Speaking. I haven't been able to find a news source (sorry debaters!) to verify, but multiple coaches have told me as such. If anyone can confirm this, please let me know. I do college forensics now, but I did Impromptu in high school and it makes me sad that they would do away with my favorite event :(

We don’t know anything about this, but if anyone has any news send it to us or forensikat :)

"Forensics Tournament? So like… You look at dead bodies?"

When someone obviously worse than you breaks and you don’t.


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1 week ago on 7/20/2014

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when you see a script obviously copied from a nationals piece but you know it’s going to score well anyways because the judge doesn’t know




Been there, done that, practiced twice then broke to finals.

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2 weeks ago on 7/17/2014

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Forensic Code #5



If he breaks your heart,

Make sure he NEVER breaks again.

(Credit to @debaterlife on twitter)


Trying to keep track of flow in debate


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2 weeks ago on 7/13/2014
Every time I tell myself I’m going to cut down on the amount of work I do for a tournament


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1 month ago on 6/25/2014

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  • reciting(mocking) someone else’s speech verbatim
  • running miles in heels with no blisters
  • tying a tie in .5 seconds
  • stuffing an entire dinner in your mouth while you run to a round
  • staying up for 73 hours
  • automatically waking up at 4am after tournaments
  • holding your pee for hours on end